Welcome to Shalimar.  Shalimar Labrador Retrievers is located in North Central California and was originally Shahli Labradors. The original kennel name was morphed into Shalimar which represents my first pet Labrador, Shammy, my foundation bitch Ali (Ch. Hyspire Something’s Amiss) and my first name Marlynne.  Shalimar consists of myself, my husband Jeff and our 6 year old son Liam.

I have had Labradors my entire life.  My mother, Judy Heim from Hyspire Labradors, has bred and shown Labradors since before I was born.  I began showing my first Labrador when I was 9 years old as a junior handler, and soon found myself showing in the breed ring.  I finished my first champion when I was 12 years old, Wishes (Ch. Inspirations Wish Me Back).  Now 37 years later I am still actively showing and breeding.

Shalimar is a small hobby kennel located at my home on 3 acres of land, which is divided into large pastures for my dogs to run, play and intently dig holes in order to hunt down gophers during the daytime.  Night time it is inside for bed.  Although my time is limited all of my dogs receive daily bonding and snuggle time, and are all house trained and crate trained.  I believe that the dogs I own are pets first and show dogs second.  

I breed only one or two litters a year and breed strictly with the intention of keeping something for myself to show and to continue building my breeding program upon.  I have been very blessed to have been mentored by Hyspire Labradors, whom I believe is one of the top Labrador Retriever kennels in the world.  They have shared with me their knowledge and taught me the importance of ethics above everything.  

Here at Shalimar we strive for the perfect Labrador Retriever, a beautiful dog conforming to the standard of the breed, with soundness of temperament and body.  The Shalimar Labrador Retriever retains the hunting ability, and are the perfect family companion, as well as service/assistance dogs.

Feel free to browse my page and feel free to email me with any questions that you may have.